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"NeoDocs can connect to databases and retrieve information and also merge that with spooled information."


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to use a specific brand printer?

No, NeoDocs software is not printer dependant. You can print to any printer that has a Windows driver. This includes laser, ink jet, dot matrix.

Can I email my business documents instead of printing them?

Yes, you can output in PDF and have that pdf sent as an attachment via email.

Does NeoDocs have conditional processing?

Yes, NeoDocs provides conditional testing on most aspects of the process. Such as, deciding whether to print or email based on some piece of the incoming data.

What host applications can NeoDocs connect to?

The host type is not really relevant as the data is sent either as a print file, dropped in a directory or sent as an email to NeoDocs. NeoDocs then takes that data and processes it.

Can NeoDocs get information from databases?

Yes, NeoDocs can connect to databases and retrieve information and also merge that with spooled information. NeoDocs can also perform insert, update and delete queries on most database types.

What do we have to install to view our documents online?

The NeoDocs AMS viewer is web based, so you only need a browser.

Do I need any external applications to create different output?

NeoDocs Server supports the most common output types such as Print, PDF, BMP, JPG, EXCEL, RTF, TEXT, XML and more.

How can I scan documents into AMS?

You can have a scanner and the AMS client to scan using TWAIN and also use barcode reading to update AMS. Or scan through a multi function device to a folder. You can have these scanned images read using OCR and automatically added to AMS.

How can I view printed documents together with scanned documents?

When you view through the AMS web viewer, the original document plus any associated documents are compiled into a single pdf for viewing, printin or emailing.

What do I need to email documents through NeoDocs?

All you need is an email provider. That can either be internal or external.

What do I need to fax from NeoDocs?

NeoDocs uses MSFax as a default method. That means that you just need a modem connected to the machine hosting NeoDocs. If you fax a significant quantity then NeoDocs can intergrate into most fax servers.