"NeoDocs AMS
is a 'real time' document management/
archiving and retrieval system."


NeoDocs AMS is a 'real time' Document Management/Archiving and Retrieval System. This means that documents can be retrieved and viewed immediatley after printing. Also, by including scanning it gives you the ability to match documents that are asscociated to the original. Then users within the company can view output that was printed as well as other associated documents that have been scanned.

NeoDocs AMS works on a structure of profiles which then include the archives. This means that you can have different profiles for different meanings, such as branches, divisions or external customers. This also means that you can restrict the access to a profile so one department cannot view another departments documents and so on. The number of profiles a NeoDocs AMS server can have is only limited to the disk space of the NeoDocs AMS server.


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