NeoDocs is a document management software that reduces business costs, increases efficiency, at the same time helping in the reduction of business footprint on the environment.

Output Management Document Distribution Archiving and Scanning Documents Document Management

Reduce your costs of printing invoices, statements and other business documents by removing the need for pre printed stationery and matrix printers. NeoDocs formats these documents onto cut sheet paper for printing on laser printers, which saves you money on printing and obsolescence.

Automatically send documents electronically to your customer and vendors. NeoDocs can export in many formats and deliver them by email or fax. See how it works. You will also be helping on the environmental front by reducing paper usage and footprint associated with conventional mailing.

Keep your business documents online where your staff can easily search and retrieve them through the NeoDocs AMS web interface. By using associated documents, you can attach pod’s, faxes and other documents to the original and view them in one screen. See how it works.

NeoDocs provides barcode scanning as well as OCR to enable you to process and manage documents that are created internally or externally. Documents received from customers and vendors either in paper form or via email can be processed automatically. See how it works.